ICO Bounties

We shall reserve 6,000,000.00 PCP i.e. Popultrade tokens (2% of the total amount) for several bounties, which we will distribute to everyone who supports POPULTRADE before and during the ICO.
With participation in the bounty campaign, you can become a part of the POPULTRADE project.
Detailed information about our bounty categories is listed below. As of now, our bounty campaign is open to everyone who would like to participate, and will end on January 15, 2018 20.00 UTC. Within 2 weeks after the ICO ending we will distribute all bounties.
Update: An additional 800,000.00 PCP has been allocated for Reddit bounty.
Terms can be changed or modified at anytime. Please check back to this page for updates and modifications. We reserve the right to add any new campaigns so please sign up for our list in order to stay on top of all offerings.

Bounty distribution

Facebook Likes: 600,000 PCP

We will be posting all PopulTrade ICO updates and co-posting every blog post on our Facebook page. Every like counts, so be sure to join to get a part of our Facebook bounty.

  • You must like or comment at least 5 PopulTrade posts per week: 15 stakes
  • Public share of PopulTrade post (max 5 post per week): 30 stakes
  • Original post about PopulTrade (max 5 post per week): 50 stakes

You need to like our Facebook page for stakes to count. Likes, shares, comment for post older then 48 hours doesn't count!.

To get the bounty please subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE
Twitter Followers: 600,000 PCP

Never miss any of our updates! Follow us on Twitter for our latest insights and retweet our news to your groups, friends and followers. Follow us on Twitter: 20 stakes per week Every retweet (retweet or quote tweet) or mention:

  • 10 stakes for under 300 followers
  • 20 stakes for under 1000 followers
  • 50 stakes for 1000 or more followers

Retweets are valid for tweets not older than this one.

To get the bounty please subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE
Signature Campaign: 2,400,000 PCP

Help us spread the word about Popultrade and you will receive a stake every week! All you need to do is add our official signatures to your Bitcointalk profile.
In order to provide a fair bounty distribution, register with this form HERE.
We will randomly check all our Signature bounty participants once a week, to ensure long-time supporters receive an increased stake. You can see list of all participants here: SPREADSHEET .
It’s a list we’re updating regulary.
You need to make at least 10 posts a week in order for bounties to count.
Signature for Member and Jr. Member. 30 stakes per week.

  • Signature for Jr. Member 10 stakes per week, Member 20 stakes per week.
    [b]POPULTRADE - Create, join, or invest in any business [/b] ❘|❘ [url=http://bit.ly/2yTsmmN][b]ICO[/b][/url] ❘|❘ [b][url=http://bit.ly/2iTqsLj]DISCUSSION[/url][/b]
  • Signature for Full member. 40 stakes per week.
    [color=#27679d][b]POPULTRADE - Create, join, or invest in any business [/b] ❘|❘ [url=http://bit.ly/2xByb12][color=#b94040][b]ICO[/b][/url][/color][color=#27679d] ❘|❘ [/color][b][url=http://bit.ly/2mmgkQ6][color=#b94040]DISCUSSION[/color][/url][/b]
  • Signature for Sr. Member 80 stakes/week, Hero or Legendary 150 stakes per week.
    [td][color=#27679d][size=18pt]❘|❘ [b]POPULTRADE[/b][/size][/color][/td]
    [td][b] Create, join, or invest in any business [/b]
    [b] [url=http://bit.ly/2iGNbxs][color=#b94040]LINK TO ICO[/url][color=#b94040] | [/color][url=http://bit.ly/2yXvLEl][color=#b94040]LINK TO DISCUSSION[/url][/b][/td]

Blogs: 800,000 PCP

We’ll distribute 800,000 PCP tokens for blog posts. Blog can be published anywhere on the internet and publicly accessible. It can be written in any language. A blog that counts for Blog bounties must:

  • have 1000 characters or more without spaces
  • need to contain at least 2 links to http://www.popultrade.com
  • have unique content (ANN translations do not count)

Once you write a Blog post, submit URL to: HERE
You can see list of accepted Blog posts here: SPREADSHEET

Translations and Forum moderation: 800,000 PCP

If our Bitcointalk OP hasn’t been translated into your language yet, you are welcome to contribute with your own translation and earn a stake in return. Please contact us on info@popultrade.com to confirm and reserve your translation.
You will receive additional stakes for each post you get in the thread of your translation.

  • Translation: 100 stakes.
  • Moderation: 5 stakes per post in your thread.

By submitting your own translation you also get an invitation to our moderator’s telegram group in which we will help you answer any question for your local community.

To get the bounty please subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE
NewsLetter Subscribers: 400,000 PCP

Sign up to our newsletter and receive POPULTRADE’s favourite stories and helpful information.

Telegram: 400,000 PCP

  • Join Popultrade official telegram group: Telegram
  • Fill in sign up form
To get the bounty please subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE
We need to manually check your registration so it may take a while, we will update spreadsheet at least once per 3 days. SPREADSHEET

Reddit: 800,000 PCP

To Particpate:
1. Your account should be at least 30 days old and have 10 posts or comment karma.
2. Fill the form with your details:Register Here

Payment will be based on stakes:
Posts regarding PopulTrade or featuring PopulTrade
10 upvotes: 5 stakes
20 upvotes: 10 stakes
50 upvotes: 20 stakes
100 upvotes: 50 stakes
300 upvotes: 100 stakes

Comments about PopulTrade get calculated at a 1:5 rate compared to posts, meaning for example a comment of 20 upvotes will bring you 2 stakes


  • For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in one of the following subreddits, or cryptocurrency related subreddits:r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto,
  • Posts and Comments with negative Karma will not be accepted. Any kind of spam will not be rewarded either.
  • External posts should link to either PopulTrade subreddit posts, to the PopulTrade Website or to the bitcointalk Thread

We need to manually check your registration so it may take a while, we will update spreadsheet at least once per 3 days.

Example for Twitter bounties.

Twitter earns you 20 stakes every week you are following us.
If you have fewer than 300 followers, you will earn 10 stakes for each retweet or mention (mention with @popultrade). If you have 1000 or more followers, you will earn 50 stakes for each retweet.
If you are following @popultrade for 5 weeks and do 15 retweets and have 1000 or more followers, you’ll get 850 stakes. The number of PCP tokens will then be proportionally distributed among everyone participating in Twitter bounties. The same logic applies to other bounties.
If you have questions about our bounty campaign, we kindly invite you to join us in our Bitcointalk thread or in the Telegram chat.